WATCH: Audibles “Quick Hits,” driven by the Mississippi Department of Transportation: Robert St. John talks about the moment he knew what he was supposed to do in life

We continue to look back at some of our favorite moments from Audibles in our “Quick Hits” series. Today, we look back at our sit down with famed restauranteur and author Robert St. John.

As a young person in high school, RSJ’s path wasn’t quite as clear cut as some may think. And as he navigated through trying to figure out what he wanted to do with his life, there was a moment at a local deli where he first worked that not just a light bulb went off, but a torch. Robert says from that moment forward, he knew exactly what it was that he was supposed to do with and in his life.

Hear the passionate answer from the man himself right here. Robert tells this story as only he can tell it. Get the full entree right here on our website under our shows section and click “Audibles” to hear the whole interview, or watch via our YouTube channel under our playlists titled “Audibles,” or our Facebook page under Spirit Media Network.