WATCH: C SPIRE chairman and CEO Hu Meena featured in next episode of Audibles

We roll on with another episode of “Audibles with Jason Scarborough” this weekend, all across the state of Mississippi on all 10 of our TV affiliates.

Episode 11 features C Spire chairman and CEO Hu Meena. C Spire is based in Mississippi and just last year celebrated their 35th anniversary. C Spire has grown to become one of the nation’s largest providers of broadband connectivity, managed and cloud services. Meena is responsible for the strategic direction of the brand and setting the vision for the company.

Prior to joining the company, Meena served as the general manager of Southland Systems of Mississippi, Inc., a long-distance telecommunications service provider. In 1987, he became the general manager for C Spire’s (then known as Cellular South) first market on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and was responsible for the company’s start up in February of 1988.

In 1990, Meena was promoted to vice president of operations and development. In 1997, he was named president of Cellular South, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Telapex, Inc. Under his leadership, the company has grown to become the largest privately held wireless carrier and the sixth largest carrier in the nation. Meena also led the start-up of Telepak Networks, Inc., a fiber optic based broadband networking company that today operates as C Spire Fiber and has served as a catalyst for the company’s geographic expansion over the last decade.

Hear from one of the greatest minds in business and one of the pioneers of the telecommunications industry, Mississippi’s very own Hu Meena.

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