WATCH: Episode 2, Part 2 of one-one-one with Dickie Scruggs now archived via digital platforms

Season 3 of “Audibles with Jason Scarborough” is off and running, with Episode 2 now available on our digital platforms!

Catch Audibles Episode 2 as we sit down for part 2 of our chat with former trial lawyer and legal juggernaut Dickie Scruggs. His life story has been featured in books, movies, and countless other mediums. Hear his story straight from his own mouth, about his early life growing up on the Gulf Coast, life as a Navy bomber pilot, early days in law school, and how he and his team levied one of the biggest class-action settlements ever.

Watch via our YouTube channel (video attached below), our Facebook page, our FREE ROKU channel, or right here on website in our “Shows” section. Either way, you’ll wanna catch episodes 1 and 2 as we sit down with Dickie Scruggs. We hope you enjoy.