WATCH/ICYMI: Mississippi’s own Robert St. John opens up in our latest episode of Audibles

On Episode 8 of Season 5, we visited with renowned restaurateur, author, and philanthropist Robert St. John.

Robert is a native of Hattiesburg, MS, and cites his grandparents as early influences in many areas. Growing up without his father who died when he was six years of age, St. John became close with his grandfather, and grew up watching his grandmother cook for their family on Sundays after church. He faced a bumpy road after high school that culminated after a DUI stop one night where he was faced with the decision of going to rehab or to jail. He chose rehab, and has been clean and sober ever since.

It was apparently the igniting he needed, thrusting him into a world of culinary arts and new imaginations throughout Mississippi and the Gulf Coast region that made him one of the most popular faces in food in not just the south, but the country. Now, he’s an accomplished restauranteur, author, writer, and TV host. But to him, his most important title of all is “Dad.” From the stories of running boats for shrimp as a kid at fish camp, to the having to fire his chef opening night of his first restaurant-you’ll hear his story right here in this exclusive one-on-one.

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