WATCH: Our Season 5 Finale of Audibles features Dr. Glenn Boyce, Chancellor of Ole Miss

On our Season 5 finale, we visited with the Chancellor of the University of Mississippi – Dr. Glenn Boyce.

Dr. Boyce’s story and how he arrived in Mississippi is remarkable. A native of Watkins Glen, New York, Boyce is a first generation college graduate who grew up in a self sufficient, hard working family on the New York countryside. Learning how to weld, tear down a car engine, and drive a bulldozer all by the time he was a teenager, Boyce was and still is no stranger to hard work.

After a very successful career in the high school football coaching ranks, Boyce made a decision to pursue administration on the education side instead of athletics. His ascension through the ranks took him through high school and junior college education administration, excelling at every stop along the way. After a successful stint within the highest levels of state education, Boyce was given the opportunity to fulfill his dream and destiny, becoming the 18th chancellor at Ole Miss.

Since arriving at Ole Miss as Chancellor in 2019, the university has experienced growth and excellence at every turn, in both academics and athletics. His story in Oxford began with him thumbing through catalogs as a young man, trying to determine where he wanted to attend college and packing up everything he had during Christmas Time and heading to Mississippi on sheer faith and belief. And this is a story you want to hear in its entirety.

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