WATCH: Florida’ Dan Mullen incites brawl, acts a fool in Florida-Missouri game

Florida Gator head coach was at the center of the melee that broke out Saturday night in the Florida-Mizzou game in Gainesville. Mullen was clearly seen getting in the faces and pointing at Missouri football players and inciting chaos. Monday, the SEC fined Mullen a hefty $25,000-which is interesting because just last week Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin was also fined $25,000 for retweeting a tweet criticizing the SEC’s officiating in the Auburn-Ole Miss game, which the SEC later admitted to Ole Miss they muffed. So, running onto the field and retweeting are now the same thing? Criticizing officiating and inciting a brawl are on the same level? It’s not, but this is the SEC for you. Question for you guys: should Mullen be suspended and fined more for this incident? Leave your vote in the comment section.