WATCH: Lane Kiffin Weekly Press Conference (10 -12-20) Ole Miss Football

“First off, I’ve never known the signals. I never even paid attention to that when I was there. I’m sure they wouldn’t even be the same. This is a new coordinator. I love Coach Saban and have a lot of respect for him. But if you understand tempo, the signal wouldn’t help us. We call the play basically before the last play is even over. Before they even mark the ball, we call our play. Then they scramble to get a play called. They’re just trying to get their guys lined up. It wouldn’t do us any good. By the time someone would relay that to us, we’re already snapping the ball. So I don’t know where that came from.”

Lane Kiffin meets with the media following the Alabama loss, addresses the accusation by Alabama coach Nick Saban that Ole Miss was stealing signals, and previews the matchup with Arkansas (Video courtesy of Ole Miss Sports Productions)