WATCH: Mississippi State head coach Mike Leach previews Missouri, talks signing day, and gives advice on raising kids

“Any time you get committees involved in something it’s going to be convoluted and twisted up. Then the politicians are trying to beat their chests and maximize on this at every step. In the end together with all the commotion and clutter, we’ve created one of the most joyless seasons on earth. Hopefully, we have the presence of mind to not repeat it this way again. Other than that, it’s been great.”

Mississippi State head football coach Mike Leach met with the media for his weekly press conference and it was a classic. Leach addressed everything from the number of freshman he’s played, the upcoming game with Missouri, how to raise infants and get them to sleep through the night, and the challenges of this season for everyone. You don’t wanna miss this one-it’s one of his best. Video is courtesy of Hail State Athletics.