WATCH: Rebs’ Ivey talks about his forced fumble to clinch win vs #7 Kentucky

Some might call them two miraculous stops; others might say two good defensive plays. Call them what you will. But late in a Southeastern Conference battle Saturday, Ole Miss recovered two Kentucky fumbles to preserve a dramatic 22-19 victory and move to 5-0 overall and 1-0 in SEC play.

With the Rebels clinging to a 3-point lead, a 26-yard field goal by Jonathan Cruztheir only points of the 2nd half, it was the Ole Miss defense which saved the day. A Kentucky drive that began with 10:14 on the game clock, ended 11 plays later with a fumble by quarterback Will Levis at the Rebel 18, forced by Austin Keys and recovered by A.J. Finley at the 21.

With two timeouts left and Ole Miss not able to move it, UK got the football back again, this time with 1:49 left to play. Five plays later at the UM 12, Levis was sacked for a 13-yard loss, forced by Jared Ivey and recovered at the 25 by Tavius Robinson. Two kneel downs later by Ole Miss quarterback Jaxson Dart, and this one was over.

Ole Miss defensive lineman Jared Ivey met with the media to recap the big win. Video is courtesy of Ole Miss Athletics.